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very bored by the cullen option and i am really hoping Cassandra is ss
quiet prayer circle for quanari and varric romance thats all i am interested in tbh



Some background: I’ve worked in gaming since 1994. I’ve worked in video game QA (quality assurance) for 8 years.

This is the FINEST glitch I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE - and that includes the World of Warcraft “turn north and crash” bug I keep running into.


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Stereotyped as “hyper-breeders,” Latinas have been targets of involuntary sterilization campaigns from Puerto Rico to California. Since 1994, with California’s Proposition 187 which sought to prevent undocumented immigrants from accessing public services, we’ve seen bill after bill designed to deny immigrant women the reproductive health care they need to make healthy and safe decisions about pregnancy.

Within the past decade, under administrations that have some of the worst track records on deportation, immigrant parents have been further characterized as “unfit” to care for their children. The Race Forward report, “Shattered Families” documents how common it is for detained parents to lose custody of their children to the foster care system, all due to poorly designed justice systems, and assumptions about how one should parent.

The reproductive and parenting choices of Latinas, and particularly indigenous Latinas, are often attacked as greedy, backwards, or uneducated, their lifestyles considered unhealthy. Here’s what is wrong and unhealthy: the reproduction of nativist, racist beliefs, and stereotypes about the choices that indigenous women and Latinas make about their bodies, pregnancies, and parenting.

@Julianabritto from Mexican indigenous woman who was separated from baby allowed to pursue lawsuit against Mississippi welfare agency. Read the article; it’s about Cirila Balthazar Cruz and how her daughter was taken from her right after giving birth simply because of hospital’s stupidity. (via frijoliz)

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below average height strong girl with a tall gentle girlfriend that giggles nervously when she is lifted into her girlfriend’s arms



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Philadelphia, 1964
Ray K. Metzker


Philadelphia, 1964

Ray K. Metzker


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